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Keith Namatjira

1937 - 1977 Keith Namatjira was sixteen when he accompanied his father, Albert Namatjira, to Canberra in early 1954 when Albert was presented to Queen Elizabeth II by Cabinet Minister Paul Hasluck. Two years later, in 1956, he accompanied his father to Sydney when they stayed at the [...]

Keith Namatjira2021-06-15T12:50:01+10:00

Maurice Namatjira

1939 - 1979 Maurice Namatjira, youngest son of Albert Namatjira, created a delicate and decorative body of paintings, often including traditional dot and line infill in a decorative, but unobtrusive way. He romanticised the views sometimes with accentuated colour and decorative pen-work. He painted locations between Mt Sonder [...]

Maurice Namatjira2019-12-07T12:57:46+11:00

Gabriel Namatjira

1942 – 1969 The three paintings in the author’s collection by Gabriel show him to have been very talented in his tragically short life. The artist revealed enormous cultural pride in his country and heritage. Gabriel was the son of Enos Namatjira and his wife Ruby Moida. The [...]

Gabriel Namatjira2019-12-07T13:01:14+11:00

Arnulf Ebatarinja

1931 - 1998 Arnulf Ebatarinja, patiently portrayed the experience of being in his vibrant country, rather than dramas within the Dreaming or in his personal life. By careful attention to surface patterning he conveyed the sense that the country has its own innate vitality and also suggested what [...]

Arnulf Ebatarinja2019-12-07T13:20:59+11:00

Basel Rantji

1936 - 1999 Basel (or Basil) Rantji created loving interpretations of his country and was active in the 1960s and 1970s. In the 1970s he portrayed the landscape with increasing delicacy and fine line work. He was not a prolific painter. The artist was born at Hermannsburg in [...]

Basel Rantji2019-12-07T13:23:52+11:00

Norman Ratara

1935 – 1999 Norman Ratara painted scenes of gentle dynamic grandeur, portraying a country running on ‘forever’ in his panoramic compositions. In contrast, the panoramic shaped painting of his brother Noel Raggett is quite contained and more still in appearance. Norman was a talented artist whose career was [...]

Norman Ratara2021-06-15T12:51:02+10:00

Ivan Panka

b 1943 Ivan Panka (or Pannka) developed his own stylised nature-based patterning in which negative spaces in the sky were an interesting part of the composition design system. Ivan Panka was active in the 1960s and 1970s but although talented, was not a prolific artist. Ivan seems to [...]

Ivan Panka2019-12-07T13:32:11+11:00

Joshua Ebatarinja

1940 – 1973 Joshua Ebatarinja, had a short career, producing some of the most lyrical paintings of the Hermannsburg School. He created gently romanticised scenes of country from his wife’s country of Haasts Bluff, out west of Hermannsburg, to Mt Gillen near Alice Springs. Joshua was nurtured in [...]

Joshua Ebatarinja2021-06-15T12:52:03+10:00

Lindberg Inkamala

1942 – 1980 Lindberg Inkamala portrayed an animate landscape expressively in the 1960s. In the 1970s he evolved to more stylised patterning and sometimes suggested red earth pathways by which the viewer might enter country. Lindberg appears to have started painting seriously around 1962 and he painted until [...]

Lindberg Inkamala2019-12-07T13:37:46+11:00
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