Albert Namatjira – Pioneer

1902 – 1959 Albert Namatjira was the pioneer and founder of the Hermannsburg School. Albert became its first master painter. Furthermore he made it possible for young Arrernte men to join with him and have unprecedented careers as Australia’s first Aboriginal group to create paintings for the purpose [...]

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Walter Ebatarinja

1915 - 1968 Walter Ebatarinja asserted his personal independence and tribal identity through his painting career from the early 1950s.  By choice, Walter was initially taught by Albert Namatjira, rather than by Rex Battarbee. Walter created paintings, which maximised their impact by abstracting rock patterns and minimising detail. [...]

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Richard Moketarinja

1918 – 1983 Richard Moketarinja showed the visual and cultural attributes of his country by experimenting in his compositional approaches. This sometimes involved exploring traditional aerial and European pictorial perspectives. The artist employed parallels in all compositions. Most have dots for infill or decoration and some paintings include zig [...]

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