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Adolf Inkamala

1914 - 1960 Adolf Inkamala portrayed his country sensitively with big straight white-trunked trees like steadfast totems. His compositions seemed to glow, often with the sense of timeless fantasies. Adolf was proud of being an artist and this pride is reflected in his engagement with each painting. Many [...]

Adolf Inkamala2021-06-15T12:45:30+10:00

Claude Panka

1928 - 1972 Claude Pannka (Emitja) eventually portrayed the totemic hills, as appearing to be floating gently on an ethereal and luminous plain. This was his unique portrayal of his cultural heritage. He conveyed a serene sense of joy. Much of the country thus displayed was not his [...]

Claude Panka2020-05-07T18:12:24+10:00

Clem Abbott

1939 - 1989 Clem Abbott created idealised scenes of very steadfast rocky cliffs standing on glowing country and backed by often animate blue ranges in the distance. The paintings appear mainly to be based on his romanticised memories of places he knew intimately. He was an important artist [...]

Clem Abbott2020-05-07T18:13:03+10:00
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